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Stop! Keeping Your Phone In These Five Places Is Dangerous

Stop! Keeping Your Phone In These Five Places Is Dangerous

Stop! Keeping Your Phone In These Five Places Is Dangerous

Firstly, Avoid keeping in pocket 

Keeping it in your pocket seems like the smart and logical thing to do but you may actually be doing more harm than good to yourself.


Too dangerous 

There are a number of places that are dangerous for you to store your phone.



When it’s on, connected to a wireless network, and placed in a pocket, the radiation is two to seven times higher than if it were placed in a purse or holster.


Connection between it and Tumour

There is a link between radiation from a cell phone and tumour growth.






High Radiation 

Radiation can change the structure of DNA and affect male fertility too.



The (WHO)  International Agency for Research on Cancer also found that it’s radiation is additionally carcinogenic to humans.


Avoid sitting on it

Merely sitting on your it could cause health issues such as sciatica or other back problems as well.


Close to Your Face

Keeping it close to your face may transfer bacteria to and from your phone, creating an environment for bacteria to thrive on your skin and phone dirtier.


Sitting leads to….. 

This combination leads to more acne, skin irritation, and even wrinkles.

Use your ear pods

Try using ear pods instead to keep the surface of your phone at a distance from your face.


Moreover, Glove compartment 

Keeping your it in your glove compartment during the extremely hot or cold months of the year could lead to problems.


Extra heat

Excess heat can cause everything from data corruption to loss or battery leakage. The cold weather presents just as many issues for your device.


Avoid too much cold 

In cold temperatures, many smartphones shut off, have display problems, shortened battery life, and in rare cases screen shattering.


In Your Bra

Some research and case studies show that keeping phone in your bra could actually cause breast cancer due to the radiations and vibrations from the phone.



That said, there is not enough evidence to establish a definite relationship between the two.


Especially spots bra

Still, keeping your it in your bra, especially a sports bra, is a bad idea due to the skin-irritating bacteria it could harbour.


In Your Bed

Sleeping in bed with your cell phone is a bad idea for a few reasons.


First, keeping your phone under your pillow could build up heat and present a potential fire hazard.



especially if your phone is charging or has a defect.


Additionally, NSF said 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the LED light from it’s screens can…..

disrupt melatonin production.      circadian rhythms.                                      hurting your sleep quality.


Consideration of radiation 

And, of course, there’s also radiation to consider as well.


Radio Activity 

The amounts of radiofrequency radiation cell phones give off are the same ones that comes from microwaves.


ACS lamented that…. 

The American Cancer Society has mentioned that there is a growing concern about the safety of cell phone use with respect to cancer and brain tumours.


Plugged in

Keeping your phone plugged in when the battery is charged full can cause damage to the battery itself.

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No overloading 

It’s not that your phone “overloads” with power, but heat buildup, from stacking things on top of your phone or keeping it under your pillow.

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Finally, Heats destroy battery 

makes your phone hotter and may even damage the phone.

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Stop! Keeping Your Phone In These Five Places Is Dangerous

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